Windows 95/98 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the problems commonly encountered when making an Internet connection with Window's 95/98 native networking. Additional information can be found in the Win95/98 QuickStart and in the Support Bookmarks.

Where do I make changes to my Internet configurations?

Go to My Computer | Dial-Up Networking (or Start | Programs | Accessories | Dial-Up Networking). Highlight the connection icon and go to File | Properties. Specific examples are given below.

Save password is greyed out. How can I fix it?

Information about this problem and how to fix it can be found at the following site:

How do I disable call-waiting?

Double click on the AzNET icon and hit the Dial Properties button. Check the box for This location has call waiting. To disable it dial... and select *70, from the drop down box at the right.

How do I disable idle timeout in Win95/98?

Go to your Dial-Up Networking folder, highlight the connection icon, select File | Properties | Configure | Connection tab. Uncheck the Disable a call if idle for more than... box.

How can I find/set the port speed?

Start | Settings | Control Panel | Modems | Properties | Maximum Speed. Or you can access it by highlighting your connection icon under Dial-Up Networking and selecting File | Properties | Configure | General.

Where do I enter a new modem initialization string?

Go to My Computer | Dial-Up Networking, highlight the AzNET icon and select File | Properties | Configure | Connection | Advanced | Extra Settings. You do not have to enter the init string's AT prefix.

How do I enter a DOS command?

Start | Programs | MS-DOS Prompt (or Start | Run), then type in the command and then press Enter.

Where can I find the current IP address that's been assigned to my machine?

Hit the Start button and select Run, in the dialog box type in the command winipcfg.

I'm experiencing slow downloads. Can anything be done?

Assuming that your modem is properly configured, try lowering FIFO buffers: Control Panel | Modems icon | Properties button | Connection tab | Port Settings button.

I have to click on the dialer to open my connection but I'd prefer clicking on my browser. Is there a way to do that?

Go to the Dial-Up Networking folder and choose Connections from the menu bar and then Settings. Select Prompt to use Dial Up Networking. If that doesn't work, go to the Control Panel and double click on the Internet icon and select the Connection tab. Check the Connect to the Internet as needed box and select the Dial Up Networking connection.

I'm trying to make a change in the dialer setup but every time I click on the dialer in Dial-Up Networking, it dials. How can I fix that?

Double click on My Computer | Dial-Up Networking. Select Connections from the menu bar and check the Prompt for information before dialing box.

I get a black box every time I log in. How do I get rid of it?

Go to My Computer | Dial-Up Networking, highlight the AzNET icon and select File | Properties | Configure | Options. Uncheck the Bring up terminal window after dialing box. Hit OK.

Why am I getting the error "Dial Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of protocols. Check the Network settings in Control Panel and try again?"

Check the following:

Go to My Computer | Dial-Up Networking then highlight the connection icon. Select File | Properties | Server Type. You should only have TCP/IP check under Allowed Network Protocols.

Go to Control Panel | Network. You should have only one TCP/IP stack installed for the Dialup Adapter. If you have more than one, hightlight the unneeded installations and click on Remove for each one.

There is a Windows 95 bug that can cause the error. Go to My Computer | Dial-Up Networking then highlight the connection icon. Select File | Properties | Server Type. Uncheck Enable Software Compression. Next, go back to the connection Properties, select Configure | Connection | Advanced and uncheck Error Control.

If problems persist you may need to remove and install the TCP/IP stack under Control Panel | Network. If that doesn't work, reinstall Dial-Up Networking through Add/Remove Programs. In both case, you will need to have your Windows 95 disk/ettes handy.

Netscape cannot locate the Cache, Mail, and News folders. Why?

Windows 95/98 likely installed Netscape somewhere other than where Netscape wanted to be installed. The easiest fix is to simply create the requested folders. Go to Start | Programs | Windows Explorer and open the C:\Program Files\ folder and create the following directory structure:

In other words, create a new folder within C:\Program Files\ called Netscape. Create a new folder within Netscape called Navigator. Create three new folders within Navigator called Mail, News, and Cache.

I'm getting the error "This DHCP client was unable to obtain an IP Network address from a DHCP server." How do I fix it?

Under the Control Panel, double click on the Network icon. Highlight Dial-Up Adapter, then click Properties. Click on the WINS Configuration tab at the top. Disable WINS Resolution should be checked.

When I send email with Netscape, I get an error that says "Polite people say HELO first." What am I doing wrong?

First, verify that you have the DNS IP addresses entered in Dial-Up Networking. Then go to the Control Panel | Network icon. Highlight TCP/IP and click the Properties button. Under the DNS Configuration tab, select Disable DNS. Click OK and then OK again. You will be asked if you want to shut down and restart your computer, click the YES button.

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