AzNET Windows 2000 Quickstart

Configuring your computer:

NOTE: You must be logged in as Administrator to make these changes

1. Right-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Then click "Properties."

2. Click on the "Network Identification" tab and click the "Properties" button.

3. Under "Computer Name" enter a name for your computer and then 
click the "More..." button.

4. Under "Primary DNS suffix for this computer:" enter 
Push the OK buttons until you are out of all the settings windows.

5. Right click on the My Network Places icon on the Desktop and 
choose Properties.

6. Double click the Make New Connection icon and, when the Network 
Connection Wizard starts up, click Next.

7. Choose Dial-up to the Internet and click Next.

8. Choose "I want to set up my Internet Connection manually" (the 
third option) and click Next.

9. Choose "I connect through a phone line and a modem" and click Next.

10. Enter the Area Code, Phone Number (select an access number from 
the list you received with your Quickstart or from, Country/Region name and code, 
and check the Use area code and dialing rules.

11. Click the Advanced button. Then click the Addresses tab. Under 
DNS server address check My ISP automatically assigns a Domain Name
Server (DNS) address. Then click OK. 

12. Click Next, specify the username and password if you would like 
to save it, then click Next.

13. Give the Connection a name (i.e. AzNET). Then click Next.

14. The Connection Wizard may then detect an Internet Mail program 
and ask if you want to set up an Internet Mail account. Click No and 
then click Next.

15. Uncheck the box labeled To connect to the Internet immediately, 
select this box and then click Finish and then click the Finish 

16. Right click on the AzNET icon that was created and choose 
Properties. Then click the Rules button.

17. The default set of rules is called My Location. Highlight that 
and choose Edit. Make sure the Area Code is filled in and if you have 
call waiting, check the To disable call waiting, dial: box and then 
choose *70, from the menu to the right. Check to make sure the phone 
number to be dialed at the bottom of the window looks correct. Click 
OK until you are out of all the settings windows.

18. If you would like a shortcut on your desktop to this connection, 
right click on it and choose Create Shortcut. Then answer Yes when if 
asks you if you would like the shortcut to be placed on the desktop.

Connecting to AzNET:
To connect, simply double click the desired connection on the 
desktop, enter the username and password (checking the Save Password 
option if you want), and click the Connect button.