AzNET Multilink (Dual Modem) Quickstart for Windows XP

Note: Multilink connections require a Multilink enabled account to work. To upgrade your account to Multilink, just email Customer Care or phone 800-438-9638.

  1. First, setup your internet connection as per the instructions here. Make sure both modems are attached to your computer and hooked up to a separate phone line each.
  2. Click on Start button, and choose "Connect To"
  3. Right click on your AzNET connection
  4. Click on Properties
  5. Cick on the General tab
    • Check the boxes next to the modems you wish to use
    • Check the box next to "All devices dial the same phone number"
  6. Click on the Options tab: In the "Multiple Devices" box, choose "Dial all devices"

    (Windows XP can be configured to use additional devices only when traffic is heavy. You can configure this by choosing "Dial devices only as needed" instead and then clicking the Configure button).

  7. Click on the Networking tab
  8. Click on the Settings tab
    • "Enable LCP Extensions" should NOT be checked
    • "Enable Software Compression" should be checked
    • "Negotiate multi-link for single-link connection" should be checked
  9. Click "OK" and "OK" again to close out of dialog boxes.
  10. Finished!