AzNET Windows Me (Millenium) Quickstart

Configuring your Windows Me computer
1. From the Start menu, click on Settings, and in the Pop-up menu, select Dial-Up Networking.
2. Double click the Make New Connection icon.
3.In the "Type a name for the computer you are dialing" box, type AzNET.
4. Click the down arrow on the "Select a device" drop-down list and choose your default modem, then click next.
5. Type in your local AzNET access number, including the area code, and click Next. Then click Finish.
6. You'll now see the icon you just created. Click on it once with the right mouse button, and select Properties from the Pop-up menu. A window will come up. Click on the Networking tab. Click the down arrow on the "Type of Dial-Up Server:" menu and choose "PPP: Internet, Windows 2000/NT, Windows ME" from the list. Make sure to uncheck all the boxes except for "Enable software compression" and "TCP/IP".
7. Click the "TCP/IP Settings..." button in the window. In the window that will come up, check "Server Assigned IP Address" and "Server Assigned Name Server Addresses". Click OK.
8. Click on the "Security" tab. Enter your AzNET username into the "User Name" box and your password into the "Password" box. (Remember your username and password are case-sensitive.) Then click OK.
9. Now click once on the AzNET icon with your right mouse button, and select "Create Shortcut" from the Pop-up menu. You will get a message box saying "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut placed on the desktop instead?". Click "Yes".
10. To connect to the internet, just double click on the new AzNET icon on your desktop and hit the "Connect" button in the Connect To window that will appear. Your modem should dial and after a connection is made the system will display a "Connected to AzNET" window. Once the connection is made other internet applications, such as a web browser or email program, may be started. Pressing the Disconnect button at any time will close the connection.