AzNET Fixed-base Wireless Quickstart for Windows NT

  1. To begin, go to the START menu and select Settings, then click on Control Panel.

  2. Double click on the Network Icon. It will take you to Network Configuration box.
    Then double click on the Protocol tab.

  3. Highlight the "TCP/IP Protocol" line and click Properties.
    Enter the setting information supplied to you by SkyRiver
    , in the install package. (Not these numbers)

  4. Click on the "DNS" tab and enter the setting information supplied
    to you by SkyRiver, in the install package (Not these numbers).
    Then click the OK button at the bottom.

  5. Click the OK button again.

  6. That should be it. The other tabs should be left as the defaults. The computer will reboot (or not) and you will be ready to go.

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