The following applies to versions 4 and 5 for Windows 95/98, Windows NT and version 4 for Windows 3.1. It assumes that you are configuring Outlook for a dial-up connection and that the connection itself is already configured and is working.

  1. In Outlook Express, click TOOLS, ACCOUNTS.
  2. In the INTERNET ACCOUNTS dialog box, click ADD, and then click MAIL.
  3. In the DISPLAY NAME box, type the name you want others to see when you send a message. Example: Joe Goodguy
    Click NEXT.
  4. In the E-MAIL ADDRESS box, type the e-mail address for the account you are using. Example:
    Click NEXT.
  5. Under E-MAIL SERVER NAMES, type the names of your incoming and outgoing mail servers. (See your Configuration Guide.) Click NEXT.
  6. Type your POP username (not email address) and password in the POP ACCOUNT NAME and PASSWORD boxes. (The username is before the at symbol (@) in your address and is usually the same as your PPP username. Example: janedoe, not
  7. In the INTERNET MAIL ACCOUNT NAME box, type a name for your account. It can be anything you wish. Click NEXT.
  8. Select "Use my phone line to connect" from CONNECTION TYPE and then click NEXT. (This step does not apply to Outlook Express 5.) Select "Use an existing dial-up connection," and click on the name you had selected for your Dial-Up Networking connection from the list, and then click NEXT, FINISH.
Ver. 1.0 STH