AzNET Outlook XP Quickstart

Configuring your AzNET Email Account with Outlook XP:
1.Open Outlook XP. Click on the "Tools" menu and select "E-mail Accounts".
2.Select "Add a new e-mail account" and click "Next".
3.In the new window, choose "POP3", and click "Next".
4.In the "Internet E-mail Settings (POP3) window, enter the name you'd like to appear on your outgoing email, your AzNET email address, the names of your incoming and outgoing mail servers, and your AzNET email username and password. (The server names and username/password information are on your new account Quickstart from your signup, or phone AzNET Tech Support at 800-438-9638 if you no longer have that information). Make sure "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" is unchecked, and if you want Outlook to remember your password so you don't have to type it in each time, check "Remember Password". Click "Next".
5.In the final window, click "Finish" and you are done.