Configuring Email and Newsgroup settings for your AzNET account with Netscape 6

1.With Netscape open, open the Netscape Mail program (by clicking the envelope icon along the bottom of the screen, or click on the "Tasks" menu and select "Mail"). In the Netscape Mail window, click on the Edit menu, then Mail/News Account Settings.
2.A window will appear titled "Account Settings". Click the "New Account" button in this window, and the "New Account Wizard" will appear.

Check "ISP or email provider" and click next.
3.In the Identity window that will appear, for "Your Name" enter the name you want to appear on your outgoing email, and your email address in the "Email Address" box; then click next.
4.Now you will get the "Server Information" window. Select POP3 (if you are familiar with IMAP and prefer it you can select that instead), and enter the name of your incoming mail server in the "Server Name" box under "Incoming Server". This information is on your New Account Quickstart or you can contact AzNET for that information if you no longer have it. Enter your Outgoing mail server in the Server Name box under "Outgoing Server (SMTP). Click Next.