AzNET Multilink (Dual Modem 112K) Quickstart for Windows 2000

Note: Multilink connections require a Multilink enabled account to work. To upgrade your account to Multilink, just email Customer Care or phone 800-438-9638.
  1. First, setup your internet connection as per the instructions here. Make sure both modems are attached to your computer and hooked up to a phone line each.

  2. Click the Start button, select Settings, select Network and Dial-up Connections, then Right-click on your AzNET dial-up connection and select Properties like so:

  3. Under General, make sure that both of your modems are selected like so:

  4. Click the Options tab, under Multiple devices, make sure Dial all devices is selected like so:

  5. Click OK, and you are finished!

When you dialup, your first modem will make the connection. After it has connected, the second modem will then connect and the two connections will be "bonded" together. If you have 2 56K modems then your connection speed can be up to 106,000 bps for downloading traffic and up to 67,200 bps for uploading traffic.

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