AzNET Mac OS X Quickstart

Configuring your Macintosh OS X computer:
1.Click on the Apple Menu and click on System Preferences.
2. In the System Preferences window, click on Network, then click on the TCP/IP tab. Set "Configure:" in the TCP/IP window to "Using PPP", and enter your Primary and Secondary Domain Name Servers (those two numbers will be on the QuickStart you received with your new account, or you can select them from the list below:
Southern California and Nationwide:
Northern California:
3. Now click on the PPP tab and enter the name for this connection to us, for example AzNET. In the appropriate boxes below in this window, type in the AzNET local access number, your user name, and password.
4.If you would like to have your computer connect to the internet automatically, or to adjust other settings such as redial intervals, click on the "PPP Options" button. Put a checkmark next to "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications." if you wish. Under "Advanced Options" make sure that just "Send PPP echo packets" and "TCP/IP header compression" is checked. When done click on "OK" and then "Save" to save your set-up.
5. To dial up to AzNET, you'll need to launch the "Internet Connect" application. You can find it by clicking on the "Go" menu, and selecting "Applications", or by clicking the Finder in the Dock and clicking the Applications button. Click on the "Internet Connect" icon to open the window, and once the Connection window is up, just hit the "Connect" button to connect.