AzNET Mac OS Quickstart (Remote Access)

Configuring your Macintosh OS computer with Remote Access
1.Click on the Apple Menu, select Control Panels, and select Remote Access *note.
2.In the Remote Access window, enter (from your new account Quickstart), your dialup username and password. Select a dialup access number close to you from the access numbers list you received with your new account, or from our website.
Make sure the "Save Password" box is checked (Example below).
3.Click the "Options" button, and click the "Protocol" Tab. Check "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP Applications", and click OK.
4.Back at the Remote Access window, click the square in the upper left hand corner of the window to close out, and select "Save" when you are asked to save changes.
5. Click on your Apple Menu again, select Control Panels, and select "TCP/IP".
6. In the TCP/IP window, select "PPP" for "Connect via", select "Using PPP Server" for "Configure". In the "Name Server addr" box, enter the DNS server IP address from your Quickstart, or select from the list below:

Southern California and Nationwide:
Northern California:

Then enter in the Search domains box. (Example below). Click the button in the upper left hand corner to close the window, and save changes when prompted.
7. Click on your Apple Menu again, select Control Panels, and select Modem. Select Modem port from CONNECT VIA, and select your modem from the drop-down list. Close the window and save changes.
8. To open your connection, open the Remote Access control panel and click on Connect. Your computer will dial out and connect you to the Internet.

To end your session on the Internet, open Remote Access and select Disconnect. This closes your connection and hangs up your modem.

*NOTE: If you do not see the Remote Access control panel, it may have been disabled. Double click on your hard drive icon, open the System Folder, and open the "Extensions (Disabled)" folder. You should see the Remote Access panel in there. If so, drag the icon to your "Extensions" folder, and restart your computer. Now the Remote Access control panel will appear in your Control Panels menu.