FreePPP QuickStart

Select FreePPP Setup from the FreePPP folder or the pull down menu. Select the Accounts tab.

Select Edit.

Enter AzNET as Server Name and select Directly from Connect. Enter the values given on your Configuration Guide for Phone Number, User name and Password. Your username and password are case sensitive. Select OK.

For additional dialing options (if needed), select the Locations tab and Edit. Select OK when finished.

Select General, Modem Setup, Auto Detect. If FreePPP doesn't recognize your modem you can manually configure it by selecting and editing Use. See your modem manual for the correct initialization string. Click OK when finished.

From FreePPP Setup, select Open TCP/IP.

Select Free PPP under Connect via. Select Using PPP Server under Configure. Enter the DNS server IP addresses found on your Configuration Guide under Name server addr. then close TCP/IP.

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