Configuring your AzNET Email Account on Eudora 5.0

Open the Eudora program. If this is the first time using Eudora, it will launch a "New Account Wizard" to configure your AzNET account for you (so you will just need your account username, password, and mail server names from your New Account QuickStart). If the New Account Wizard does not launch, you will just need to enter a few settings manually in order to get Eudora up and running. Here are the instructions to do so:
1. Click on the "Tools" menu, then select "Options...". In the Options window, click on "Getting Started".
If you are on a Macintosh, you'll have to click on the "Special" menu, and then select "Settings", and then click on "Getting Started".
2. Fill in the boxes in the Options (or Settings, on Mac) window as per the below:
  • Real Name: The name you want to appear on your outgoing email
  • Return Address: your return email address.
  • Mail Server (Incoming): see your QuickStart for your Incoming (POP3) server name.
  • Login Name: the login name on your email account (see your QuickStart, usually but not always it is the same as the first part of your email address (before the '@' symbol))
3.Click on the "Checking Mail" icon. Enter:
  • Mail Server: (see your QuickStart for the Incoming (POP3) server name)
  • Login Name: your email login name (see your Quickstart)
The other "Checking Mail" options can be configured to your individual preference.
4.You can also click on the "Incoming Mail" icon to configure your options for incoming mail. If you are checking mail from mutliple locations, say from home and at work, you might want to check the "leave mail on server" option, but if you do so please make sure you also check "Delete messages from server after X days" (where X is the number of days you want to leave your email on the server after you've downloaded it). If you don't set your email program to delete the old messages off the server periodically, your mailbox on the server will fill up and not be able to accept any new mail if it goes over its default size quota.
Make sure "Passwords" is selected under "Authentication".
5.Now click on the "Sending Mail" icon. Some defaults for the "Sending Mail" screen should have been copied over from your "Getting Started" window earlier. Make sure you have your email address in the "Return Address" box, and make sure your AzNET mail server name is entered in the "SMTP Server" box. The other options can be checked or unchecked according to your preference.
6.Now click "OK" to save your changes, and you are done.