AzNET DSL Cayman Router Setup

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  1. Take the router out of the box. Remove the blue phone cord from the box and plug the labeled end into the "DSL" port on the router.

  2. Plug the other end of the blue phone cord into a telephone jack of the line on which you had your DSL installed (or into the data/DSL side of your splitter).

  3. Plug the small end of the 9V power adapter into the back of the router

    and the other end into the wall outlet. Power it up.

  4. Plug one end of your customer supplied ethernet straight-through cable into one of the four "LAN" ports.

  5. Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into your computer's NIC (Network Interface Card) or into a non-crossed-over port of a hub or switch.

  6. Turn your computer on.

  7. Configure the TCP/IP properties of your NIC for DHCP, do not specify DNS, restart as necessary. For instructions on how to modify the TCP/IP properties of your network connection, click here.

  8. Open a web browser, go to

  9. You will be greeted with an authentication window. Input the following information:
    Login: "admin"
    Password: is the serial number located on the bottom of router.

  10. Select the Quickstart link in the upper left corner.

  11. Fill in the corresponding info from your configuration sheet.

  12. Here you have the option to change the password, however we at zNET do not recommend it. Your password is already secure and unique and should you need it, it is always on the bottom of your router.

  13. Click save.

  14. Back at the Main Menu, click "Expert" to begin configuring the NAT (Network Address Translation) settings on the router.

  15. Click "Ethernet (LAN)"

    • Local Subnet Mask:
    • Local IP:
    • Mode: Server
    • Starting IP:
    • Ending IP:
    • click Save.
  16. Back at the Main Menu-click "DSL Port (WAN).

  17. For VCC1 select ether-llc(ip-llc for business DSL),then click config.

  18. On the VCC1 config screen set the following:

    • VPI: 0
    • VCI: 35
    • Interface IP: On
    • NAT: On
    • IP Address: the router WAN IP
    • Net Mask: WAN subnet mask
    • Admin Restrictions: None
    • RIP: Off
    • RIP-Receive: Off
    • IP gateway: On
    • Gateway Type: Fixed
    • Gateway Address: WAN gateway IP

    Click Save. Click Home.
  19. Back at the Main Menu click Restart Cayman-DSL. The Cayman DSL router may take as long as 1 minute to reboot and resynch.

  20. You are done! If you have any questions or problems please call 1-800-438-9638 and press option 3 to reach our Technical Support department.