AzNET Broadband Quickstart for Macintosh (pre-OS X)

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To connect one computer:

  1. Ensure you have a Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) installed and correctly configured in your computer (many models of Macintosh have built-in ethernet).

  2. Plug one end of a CAT 5 cable into your computer's ethernet port and the other end into the LAN interface on your broadband connection device.

  3. Click on your Apple Menu, go to Control Panels and select TCP/IP.

  4. Enter your IP Address, Subnet Mask and Router Address (default gateway in your install package) in the appropriate fields. All this is included in your install package). Enter the primary and secondary name server address in the appropriate field.

    • Primary:
    • Secondary:

  5. Click in the box in the upper left corner to close the window and click the "Save" button when prompted.

  6. Finished.

To connect multiple computers:

  1. You will need to connect an Ethernet hub or switch into the broadband connection device. Follow the instructions included with your hub or switch for connecting to a router. In some instances, a cross-over Ethernet cable may be required. However, some devices have built-in cross-over ports than can be used in lieu of cross-over cables.

  2. Follow the steps for connecting one computer above, skipping step 2. Plug one end of your ethernet cable into an available port on the hub or switch, and the other into your computer.

  3. Continue the instructions above, beginning at step 3.

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