How do I set up an autoresponse 'vacation' message?

1) First create a file on your computer containing the "vacation message" that you'd like to appear in your automated response. For example a file containing something like:

Subject: Out of the Office

Hi! I will be off on vacation until the first of August and will not be able to access email until I return. For work related issues please contact my assistant Maria Goya at 800-555-1212 x234.

Thank you! Susan Jones

2) Important: Make sure to use a text editor such as Notepad, SimpleText, etc to compose the message, not WordPad or MS Word; it must be in "plain text" format.

3) Save the file anywhere on your computer.

4) Then just fill in the simple form below to upload and install the "vacation message" as an autoresponder on your email account.

Email username for the account:
Email password for the account:
Select your email server:
Select the file you made containing your "vacation" message:

How to de-activate an autoresponse "vacation" message:

Just enter your email username and password for the account in question, select your mailserver, and click "Deactivate Autoresponder"
Email username:
Email password:
Select your email server:


Q:I activated my vacation message, sent a test email to my account and got an auto-reply back, but then I sent a second test to double check but did not get a reply back. Is something wrong?
A: The "vacation" program on the mail server (which handles and sends out the auto-replies) keeps track of the addresses your incoming mail comes from while the vacation message is active, and will only send a response once per week, per email address.

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