Sending Mail with SMTP Authentication

This page documents how to set up various popular email clients for SMTP Authentication. If you are trying to send mail from a third party ISP, or if you are using one of our national dial-in numbers, or if your new email account information you received from us says that you need to use it with your dedicated connection, SMTP Authentication needs to be enabled for you to send mail.

This documentation assumes you already have a working email configuration.

SMTP Authentication has been thoroughly tested using the versions below. Previous versions may or may not work.

Agent 1.8
Eudora 4.3.2
Eudora 5.0/5.1
Netscape Communicator 4.73 (and other 4.7 versions above 4.73)
Netscape 6
Outlook XP
Outlook 2000
Outlook Express (Mac Edition)
Outlook Express 5 and 6 (Windows Edition)
Pine 4.x
Microsoft Entourage 2001