What should I use for SMTP server?

Generally, the SMTP server (outgoing email) should be the same as your POP server setting or your custom domain name. However, if you are accessing the Internet through a network other than AzNET, such as another ISP, you will need to use its SMTP server. In that event, your System Administrator or ISP Support can tell you what to use.

The SMTP server setting is not specific to your email account. As is the case with DNS settings, you should be using the SMTP server nearest you. Email will generally be delivered faster and more efficiently.

There was a time when SMTP servers were open to the entire Internet community. However, criminal and abusive activity has become as common on the Internet as in the real world, necessitating that networks batten down the hatches, so to speak. In our case, AzNET's SMTP server was hit by a dialup account in Florida as a mail relay for unsolicited commercial email (spam) to thousands of email addresses around the country, if not the world. There were so many SMTP requests that the system slowed to a crawl. For now on, AzNET's SMTP services will be accessible only from within AzNET.

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