How do I check my email from another ISP?

A mail client accesses a mail server in the same way that a web browser accesses any site on the Internet -- and can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. All you need is your username and password.

If you have access to an email program (Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Mail, etc), you simply need to configure it just as you now have it configured for accessing your email. In other words, use your AzNET username and password and the same POP server that you are now using, such as

If you are working at a Unix or Linux computer you can use a utility like popclient, or fetchmail, which can be run from the system prompt.

If you only have access access to a web browser (not a email program that can be configured), you can easily check your mail and send and receive messages from a web browser by visiting our Web Mail page. Just enter your username and password on the login page and you will be logged in to your email account on our mail server, and have a simple web-based interface to send and receive mail remotely or while away from your computer .

We do not offer telnet shell access to our servers.

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