How do I forward my email to another account?

You can forward and unforward email by sending email to the mail server or by using the form below. The email instructions are below.

By Web....

Set up a forward Cancel a forward
     Your Username 
   Your POP server 
     Your password 
     * New Address 
* You may list several forward addresses, separated by commas, under "New Address." Leave the "New Address" field blank when cancelling a forward.

By Email....

To forward, send email to with this as the body.....

	user your-username
	password your-password
	forward new-address@domain

You may list several forward addresses, separated by commas.

To unforward, send email to

	user your-username
	password your-password

Of course, replace your-username, your-password and with what applies to you.


Sent to

	user joe-moe
	password *unlikely*

Sent to

	user plain-jane
	password nevermind!

Sent to

	user tsmith
	password no-go

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